Form 1099  Nightmare
Do You Receive IRS Form 1099 for payments made to you?

If an entity pays you $600 or more during the year

IRS rules require that you be sent a Form 1099 showing the amount received.There are more than 20 different versions and variants of the 1099 form, but the most common is the 1099-MISC

Tax Returns

The 1099 creates a big problem for many taxpayers at tax filing time because most of us do not make advance payments of our income tax.

Obviously, we'd rather not get these irritating forms but rules are rules.

Form Distribution..

You get copy B

Issuer retains copy C

The IRS gets copy A


There is a way to avoid this nuisance in many instances.  Don't get them in the first place!  For info, email with "1099 Issue" as the subject.